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What VIP Requires

While specialized training is not usually required for VIP, we look for many qualities that make a successful volunteer: maturity, flexibility, common sense, enthusiasm, reliability, and sensitivity. Your host community will benefit most from your sincere commitment and open-minded curiosity about local culture and individual lives.

Your contributions will be much appreciated, even as you learn further from the skills and life experience of your new family. As you listen and adapt to circumstances, your friendships with local people will grow. They will welcome you and the goodwill you bring.

Some Specific Qualifications Usually Apply

Anyone 18 or older may apply, except US citizens who must be 19.

Skilled and unskilled volunteers are welcome. You must be healthy and fit enough to adapt to living and working where conditions may be strenuous and where accommodations are basic.

If you are applying to work with minors or others with special needs, professional certifications and/or background record checks may also be required.