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Sample Volunteer Abroad Projects — Thailand

Discover Thailand by getting involved in the community and lending a hand to those in need. Volunteerism in Thailand, especially in the north, focuses on disadvantaged groups like Burmese refugees children, intellectually and physically disabled persons of all ages, and former sex workers. Cultural Canvas Thailand (CCT), and it’s artistic outreach program, Art Relief International (ARI), works with these groups to provide meaningful workshops through art therapy and community assistance.

Volunteers should be prepared to be flexible with their placements. Click on our projects below for a sample:


Art Relief International

Boy paintingArt Relief International provides a voice for individuals by exploring various creative means, including visual, performance and experimental arts. Art Relief International volunteers can expect to play a large role in many projects. The art program offers art therapy to a diversity of groups which focus on various social issues. Volunteers have an opportunity to work with Burmese refugees, indigenous hill tribes groups, single mothers, disabled children and adults and children from a local orphanage... This opportunity is ideal for someone who likes to be involved in numerous projects and can work independently as well as with a group. There are opportunities to work with other local artists on projects as well as design and implement your own creative visions.

Volunteer doing art with children


Teaching English

Through coordination with the Stratton ABC Foundation, a home and center for underprivileged children from northern Thai provinces, CCT is currently offering placements to volunteer in two elementary schools in Chiang Mai. Volunteers assist Thai teachers in English language instruction to children ages 9 -12. Volunteers also go to teach English at Wat Pa Pao, a a foundation established to conserve Shan culture.

Burmese Education Program

Volunteer helping childVolunteers who choose this program will be working either at Thai freedom house or at the Chiang Mai Migrant Learner Center. Thai Freedom House is a community learning center providing basic education (English, Thai…) to Burmese refugees escaping severe human rights violations. At the Chiang Mai Migrant Learner Center volunteers work as part of a team to provide training in Thai, English, and Burmese languages, as well as computer skills.

Enviornmental Protection Program

The forest Restoration Research Unit has been conducting research, workshops, and other various initiatives to restore forests on degraded sites in Northern Thailand. FORRU consists of an office and research tree nursery at the park headquarters, a community nursery and field plots. A volunteer could participate by becoming an enviornmental education officer- to increase enviornmental awareness among local communities and schools. They also welcome public relation specialists who could help to manage media and communication- to help build awareness and gain resources.


Social Welfare

Hill Tribe Assistance Program

Volunteer helping childVolunteers might help out at Thai Freedom House, which is located in central Chiang Mai. The organization owns a vegetarian café as well as a small pre-loved clothing shop. Volunteers working at Thai Freedom House will gain a wide variety of experiences, like teaching ESL, administrative work, and helping out in the café and shop. Another possible placement to help hill tribe people is Wat Pa Pao, a foundation established to conserve Shan culture. There, volunteers teach English to both children and adults.

Single Mothers' Empowerment

Young mother holding up baby Wildflower Home provides safe shelter, education, health, and other services to young single mothers who are pregnant or have young children in order to help them achieve self-sufficiency. Volunteers help out in the following areas: English instruction, gardening and sustainable agriculture, and fundraising and grantwriting.

Health Services

Cerebral Palsy Assistance

Man holding childBaan Piranan seeks general caregivers, occupational and physical therapists to assist in its new resident home for children with cerebral palsy. In addition to their disability these children have been neglected and need the help of the volunteers.


Start dates for these programs are as follows:

January 11th, and the 25th

Febuary 8th, and the 22nd

March 8th, and the 22nd

April 5th, and the 19th

May 3rd, and the 17th

June 7th, and the 21st

July 5th,

and the 19th

August 2nd, and the 16th

September 6th, and the 20th

October 4th, and the 18th

November 1st, and the 15th


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