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Sample Volunteer Abroad Projects — Nepal

VIP-Nepal aims to support rural people, which is why projects are located in rural areas of Nepal. All projects are designed to respond to the needs and interests of the local people. The variety of activities and volunteer possibilities assure your stay to be interesting and exciting. Volunteer projects are available in areas such as:


Teaching English is a rewarding and worthwhile experience. Volunteers in this program will teach English at a Nepali public or private school, depending on the need for volunteers. Teaching volunteers are more than welcome to participate in other school activities such as sports or sanitation programs while they work at the school. A volunteer usually teaches two to three hours a day, for six days a week (Sunday to Friday). Children's ages range from 6 to 13 years old. Placements are available in locations such as Chitwan and Pokhara throughout the year, except in July and August. During these two summer months, volunteers are assigned to villages near the Kathmandu valley. Each institution has its own permanent staff member who assists volunteers with their teaching methods, advises with solutions to communication barriers (both with students and colleagues), and gives volunteers a timetable to follow.

Nepalese students

Volunteers may also teach conversational English to Buddist monks. This is an informal project so volunteers are free to develop their own teaching plan and use any resources that might be helpful to teach spoken english. In their free time, volunteers can practice meditation and join the Buddist religious practices, rituals, pujas, and prayers. Spaces are limited in this project.

It is not necessary that you come from an English speaking country or background in order to become a teaching volunteer. We welcome any volunteer who has a working knowledge of English and the desire to share that knowledge with students who are eager to learn.

Sample Project:

Dhaddghari Lower Secondary School is located 157km southwest of Kathmandu Valley in the province of Chitwan. There are 7 regular teaching staff and approximately 300 students aged between 5 and 13. Volunteers are required to teach English to the children and to assist in recreational and extra-curricular activities.


As in any country, Nepal's orphaned children need attention, love and care. With many orphanages in the country, volunteer work programs are arranged in major cities including Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur, Chitwan, and Pokhara in an effort to offer these children the attention and love that they deserve. As a volunteer at an orphanage, you will collaborate with local people to teach the basics of the English language and help orphans with life skills. Other tasks can include participating in administrative chores, health education, playing games, drawing and painting with the children. Working with orphans means you will be molding the young minds of talented, blossoming, charming children. These children are in an unfortunate position and the impression that you make on them will remain for the rest of their lives. This volunteer work is a great mission and provides a real, life-changing experience for you as well as for the children. Some orphanages serve as informal education training centers and when you volunteer in this program, you will be teaching these children what it means to have someone who cares for them.

Sample Project:

Charity Nepal Orphanage is located just outside the city of Kathmandu. It houses 21 children from different parts of the country, especially from areas affected by the Maoist insurgency. Volunteers teach English to the children, play games with them, and contribute to the family environment of the orphanage.


Nepal is home to breathtaking landscapes, surreal natural beauty, and exotic wilderness. This Asian country is sandwiched between India and China in the majestic Himalayan region. In such splendid surroundings, the snow capped mountain peaks, natural fountains, river valleys and dense forests have become home to some of the world's most endangered species. These remarkable settings offer a multitude of diversions sure to please the most adventurous and nature loving volunteers. Despite this beautiful setting, Nepal's pure nature deteriorates day after day due to a high dependency on natural resources, especially forest related resources. Volunteers have the opportunity to help save Nepal's landscapes, restore its natural beauty and conserve its natural resources.

Sample Project:

The Tree Species Nursery is located in the rural village of Chitwan. Volunteers are specifically placed in the Chitwan area of Nepal where they can participate in making nursery beds, sowing seeds, weeding, trimming, pruning, and thinning various indigenous tree species and medicinal plants. The planted seedlings that the volunteers grow and nurture are later distributed freely to villages in other parts of Nepal. With activities similar to this, the aim of the volunteer project is to reduce the pressure on forests and give something back to the community.


Volunteer with Nepalese children

It has been reported that more than forty percent of the Nepalese people live below the poverty level. This alarming statistic reflects the fact that many families are unable to provide adequate health care for their family members. A vast number of Nepali people live their lives without ever obtaining proper health care. Although the state established several health centers in Nepal to provide health services to people in rural areas, many health centers are running without an adequate number of trained staff. Caring and compassionate volunteers can help address this crucial problem and boost the quality of health care by partaking in this mission. Volunteers interested in joining this program must have certificates or proof of experience in this field (for example, a medical student ID or a certificate of graduation as nurse or doctor.) Due to the health risks involved, volunteers who are not properly trained in health care cannot work in this area.

Sample Project:

The Dhapakjel Health Post is located in a small village just outside Patan city. Volunteers assist local doctors and medical staff as they treat patients and also help with other hospital programs such as record keeping, sanitation, nutrition, distribution of medicine or treatment of minor injuries.

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