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Volunteer opportunities in India

The world's largest democracy, India is also one of the world's oldest civilizations. Its unique cultural heritage is everywhere in evidence. It is a predominately Hindu country, with social and religious structures that have survived centuries of outside influence.

India is also massively overpopulated (with over 1 billion people), and suffers from serious problems related to poverty and environmental degradation. Voluntary organizations play an important role in addressing these problems, and volunteers are always in demand. Placements are available in projects in various locations around India, including Delhi, Mumbai (Bombay), Ahmedabad, Patna (Bihar), Dehradun (Uttaranchal) and Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh).

Volunteer Abroad Program Overview — India

VIP in India works with community organizations in four major areas.India has a massive population, and as such volunteers are always in demand. India has



Arriving at Delhi or Mumbai International Airport, you will be met by VIP-India's authorized transport agent and provided with overnight accommodation.


Where you'll be staying

As a volunteer you can stay for total of 4 - 12 weeks. During your Indian childrenvolunteer service you will have your own room in a furnished rented/paying guest accommodation near the project site.

All meals are included in the program fee. You'll be invited to take part in one organized weekend activity such as cooking classes on Indian cuisine, visits to places of local interest, and a cultural program with local artists. A half day city tour will also be offered.


If the project is in Delhi/Mumbai, arrival and orientation will be for two days, and the project will begin on the 3rd day (excluding holidays). Orientation will cover issues of Indian culture, its people and society as well as details about the project. It would also make you understand the support and assistance you would be receiving from day one. If proceeding to any other city for the project, overnight accommodation and general Orientation will be provided in Delhi/Mumbai. Orientation about the project and the local area will take place at the project site, and the project will begin on the 4th or 5th day after arrival.

Program Fees 2016*

Length of Stay Cost

Programs of other lengths are also available.  Ask for details.

*Note: The published price is subject to change in case of major currency fluctuations. Contact your sending country.

4 weeks US$ 1,911
5 weeks US$ 2,060
6 weeks US$ 2,374
7 weeks US$ 2,487
8 weeks US$ 2,621
9 weeks US$ 2,724
10 weeks US$ 2,879
11 weeks US$ 3,064
12 weeks US$ 3,033

What the program does include:

Extras (at additional cost)

What the program doesn't include:

Payment Schedule

A deposit of 20% of the total program fee is required with your application. It is non-refundable upon notification of acceptance and is applied to the total program fee.

The balance of the program fee is required 30 days prior to departure.

Cancellation Policy

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Fraud Alert
Be advised that there is an individual misrepresenting himself as a participant in a VIP program who is trying to sell/rent property to unsuspecting individuals.

This is not a legitimate offer and this person is not in any way associated with VIP.

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