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Sample Volunteer Abroad Projects — Ecuador

In Ecuador we've established close partnerships with a number of local NGOs and foundations. Available host projects reflect changing needs and priorities and may vary from those shown. After you apply, we work closely with your Sending Country and our Host project oganizations to find an appropriate placement that best matches your skills, preferences and capabilities.

During your orientation and language-training period in Ecuador, you'll visit several on-going projects and then together we'll select a placement that best matches your preferences and capabilities. You will also be able to read reports of former volunteers about some of these projects.

Social and welfare services

Organizations that cater for the most disadvantaged in society are always in need of volunteer assistants. Placements are available in Volunteer in a Social Services projectprojects such as day-care centers for children of disadvantaged families, after school tutoring, and respite centers for the disabled. Volunteers must be creative, caring, have lots of initiative, and able to cope with difficult or distressing situations.

Here are sample projects:

CIBV: Day care centers in Vista Hermosa San Vicente de las Casas and Carcelen neighborhoods

Children from 4 months up to 4 years get professional care and education at the centers. Most of the centers do have special need of volunteer help due to the number of children.

Help with children's care: such as feed children, change diapers, clean … But also contribute with recreational and educational activities for small children.

CAE- School Support Center

After classes about 60 children from the San Vicente de las Casas neighborhood get to the Center to have lunch and get help with their homework. The Center also gives school support and during school vacation they organize a summer camp. 

Help children with homework, organize and develop extracurricular classes e.g. English, sports, music,…

Sin Soluka

Together with former volunteers who have founded partner organizations in Holland and Switzerland, Sin Solunka supports over 100 primary school children with scholarships. Lots of the children are sons and daughters from parents who have lived on the streets, are prostitutes, were drug or alcohol addicts, etc. This project wants to prevent children from continuing with their parents lifestyle in order to give them appropriate education and extracurricular activities. After school children get to the center for lunch and will be helped with their homework afterwards. 

Help serving lunch, educating children with basics of hygiene and social rules. Help with homework.


Shelter for elderly people

The Shelter counts with different departments, where elderly adults get adequate care. There are departments for elderly with physical or mental disabilities, psychiatric problems, but also just those who were abandoned by their families and need help. There are mainly elderly people from low income families. The shelter is managed by a catholic sister's congregation.

Support the nurses with care of the elderly people in need: Washing them, helping with the meals, organizing and developing activities and programs for special events.

Children's Hospital

The Ladies volunteers support children in need from all over the country at the public Children's Hospital with diapers and meals. They visit all of the children every day to share some time with them. If there is a special need for the family they also help with clothes and therapy material.

Visit children in the hospital to find out about their need for meals and diapers. Prepare needed diapers and meals and hand them out to children. Talk with the children, play with them, read stories,…

Shelter for children with cancer

During their treatment children with cancer live in the shelter accompanied by one of their parents. During the morning children have their medical checks and treatments at the hospital. They come back for lunch and during the afternoon they get educational, extracurricular and recreational activities. If needed a psychologist also supports the children.

During the mornings, there is not much to do for a volunteer, but he/she may accompany the children to the hospital. Help is needed in the afternoon, with recreational activities for children, volunteers can support them during their time of treatment and recovery is very important for each of the children in the shelter.

Social - disabilities

Education for disabled children and young adults in the highlands Shelter for disabled people from all over the country in the highlands health – rehabilitation center.



Ecuador is one of the region's most environmentally diverse countries, but many natural habitats are being destroyed by deforestation and desertification. Conservation projects have been established to protect native wildlife and habitats such as rainforests and could forests. Volunteers who are physically fit and enjoy the outdoors are needed to assist in many ofthe conservation projects.

Some project samples:

Santa Lucia Reserve

This is a conservation organization in the cloud forests of northwestern Ecuador. Their aim is to conserve and protect the forest while developing sustainable income sources for the local families through eco-tourism and volunteer work. Work involves reforestation, trail building and repair, organic agriculture and conservation education. Room and board will be provided at Santa Lucia.

Botanical Garden

The botanical garden of Quito lies in the middle of the town in the Carolina Park. It represents the flora of different parts of Ecuador. The park is a beautiful and peaceful space in the hectic metropolitan city. Its aim is to educate children and adults the importance of nature and its conservation. 

Depending on the volunteer's abilities: In the mornings help to guide school classes through the garden and in the afternoon help the gardeners in maintenance.

Organic Farming

This project is situated in the far northern part of Quito, the parish of Carapungo. In this project women from the local, margined neighborhood work together in order to produce healthy food. In the big garden they produce all year round many different vegetables and fruits. Chicken and guinea pig are also grown in a sustainable way. The products are sold all over the city of Quito, and they even offer delivery service.

Support the organic farming with all the processes of gardening and composting. Help to organize orders from clients. Contribute with  your own experiences and ideas.

Agroforestal Farming

In the Ecuadorian cloud forest

Animal rescue center / zoo

in the Ecuadorian jungle

Protected dry forest in the coastal region

Work to develop sustainable income sources for the local families through eco-tourism and volunteer work.

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Education and teaching

Many charitable institutions in Ecuador work towards providing an education for the poorest in society who would not otherwise go to school. Knowledge of English provides a major advantage in terms of future opportunities, and this is an area where volunteers can be of great service. Placements are available in several educational institutions in and around Quito and in some rural areas.

Volunteer in Education and Teaching projects

 Here are some sample projects:

Volunteers may be placed several schools in the rural areas of Ecuador in the lowlands of the coastal region and the Ecuadorian jungle, depending of the time of the year.


Musical Musical Education Brass Band

Music School for children from marginal neighborhoods of Quito. Volunteers with good musical knowledge and able to play an instrument are welcome to help and support the local music teachers. They are also welcome to help teach English- as often Ecuador Brass Band's students get the opportunities to study music with a scholarship in foreign countries, or they show their abilities on international benefit tours.


Fair trade in the highlands. Get to know one of Ecuador's most representable solidary commerce and support their daily work, share with people in the communities and offer workshop for children in the afternoon.

Program for early education for babies and their mothers in the cloud forest, the coastal lowlands or the Amazon basin.

To see a report from a volunteer in Ecuador, click here.

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