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International Volunteer Program in Chile - project photo

Volunteer Program Office — Chile

El Experimento de Convivencia Internacional

EIL Chile Logo

of. 1602
Barros Errazuriz 1954 , Providencia
Santiago ,Region Metropolitana,
Chile , 750-0521
Phone:  56  2  481 6620 
Fax: 56  2  481 6627
Email:  claudio@experiment.cl
Contact:  Claudio Le Roy, Outbound Programs
Web site: : http://www.experiment.cl

For over 50 years, Experiment Chile, full member of The Experiment in International Living Federation, has made all possible efforts to stay close to the original premise and mission of facilitating mutual understanding and building communities with people from all over the world.

Many generations of Chilean experimenters have spread the news and many others from all over the world have experienced life in Chile in a number of programs such as High school exchange programs, Individual homestays, Educational programs for the adults (Elderhostel), Group programs for high school students, Summer Abroad, Language programs, Multinational programs, Volunteer programs, Au Pair, and Work & Travel programs among other.

As a non-profit, non-sectarian, non-political organization, Experiment Chile focuses its goals not only in providing meaningful life experiences to program participants but also in fostering local communities to go through cultural experiences where they can participate as active members and feel proud of their cultural heritage.

Meet the STAFF

Agustin Castellon, President Sylvia Villarroel, National director
Claudio LeRoy, Program director Solange Lopez, Secretary

Pictured from left to right, Agustin Castellon, President, Sylvia Villarroel, National director, Claudio LeRoy, Program director, and Solange Lopez, Secretary.

EIL Chile also has a national network of volunteer representatives who support our participants locally and promote our programs from Chile's First to Twelfth Regions including Easter Island.

Some of our current partner organizations are:

Fraud Alert
Be advised that there is an individual misrepresenting himself as a participant in a VIP program who is trying to sell/rent property to unsuspecting individuals.

This is not a legitimate offer and this person is not in any way associated with VIP.

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