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Sample Volunteer Abroad Projects — Argentina

EIL works with a number of NGOs and host organizations all over Argentina. Available Host Projects reflect changing needs and priorities and may vary from those shown. After you apply, we work closely with your Sending Country and our Host Project organizations to find an appropriate placement that best matches your skills, preferences and capabilities. In some cases your volunteer placement will not be finalized until after you have visited on-going projects during your in-country orientation. Opportunities are available in many areas for volunteer service such as:

Sports Project:

"Villa del Libertador Sport Club" Cordoba

Leonardo Bigi, a former Argentine rugby player, together with Dona Rosa, a very active person in Villa del Libertador, created "Villa del Libertador Sport Club Project", to promote sports and improve the quality of life for the children from poor neighborhoods. This program helps them to gain confidence and keep them away from bad customs.

 Villa del Libertador Rugby Club recieves some support from private donors, foundations, indivuduals and government sources so you can also get funding. The Argentine people and volutneers involved are mainly players or student volunteers who share the passion and spirit of rugby.

Volunteers will work in the following areas to achieve the main objectives of the project:

About the host community

Cordoba, is the second largest city in Argentina with about 1.500.000 inhabitants.Int he old Town you'll have the chance to see the rich Spanish colonial heritage of the city as shown by the many old churches, traditional buildings and the well known National University of Cordoba ( UNC), which attracts thousands of students from other regions of the country and the rest of South America.

Due to the proximity to the mountains, they city is a perfect base for excusrsions into the natural beauty of the "Sierrras de Cordoba" (Cordoba Hills), or even to the "Pampas", just 50 km to the South. Cordoba has a vibrant cultural scene and you will enjoy the famous kindness and hospitality of the "Cordobeses".

People are very friendly and you will soon feel at home in this place. The weather is mild in winter (June-August) with an average temperature of 10 degrees C. (50 F). In summer (December-February) it can get very hot and dry during the day- more than 30 C. (86 F). Summer is rainy and winter is rather dry.

Today Cordoba is a province rich in agriculture and industry, its natives proud and productive. The aggriculture is centered in soybeans,wheat and maize, and other cereals. Cattle and sheep enjoy the grass of Cordoba's green hills. The food industry is based around oil, milk and cereal deritatives.

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"Esperanza para un nino"-Esperanza, Santa Fe

San Francisco School

The humble institution takes care of about 12 little children, from 1-3 year old, while their mothers go out to work. The kindergarten teacher in charge recieves no salary, only contributions from local sponsors and associates to the project. It is placed in a location lent by a religious group. KIds are taught different basic subjects and do all kinds of activities as in a kindergarten. Local press have encouraged the donation of materials and money during 2013 by publicizing the school's activities.

Volunteers could contribute by:

About the host community :

Esperanza is a city in the center of the province of Santa Fe, Argentina. It has about 36,000 inhabitants as of 2001. It is the head town of the Las Colonias Department. Esperanza is a the heart of the most important dairy district of the country. The milk produced here is based on the Holando-Argentino breed. Cattle farming is also a major activity. IT hosts many small and medium industries in a variety of sectors ( wood, metal, mechanics, food products, book printing, editorials, textile, leather etc. ).

The municipal camping resort, with its artificail lake and extensive camping area and its sensational nightlife, discos and other entertainment complexes- give the city a touch of freshness and fun. Quiet, charming and always improving- Esperanza is a renovated space to visit and enjoy.


Teacher's Assistant Program

By special request, we can provide teacher's assistant program in different areas of the country.


Educational Project:

"Agricultural Home Saint Augustine-Yerba Buena, Tucuman

Agricultural home Saint Augustine is located in a beautiful natural setting at the foot of the mountains of San Javier, in "El Corte", Yerba Buena on Provincial Route 338. IT ws founded by Bishop Liborio Luis Randisi in 1968. From its beginning its core task has been to give shelter and protection to children whose parents are temporary or migrant workers and who live more then 20 kms. away.

The institute develops various agricultural activities such as: a vegetable garden and caring for livestock- chickens, rabbots and pigs. These activities and every day life at the institution, which at one point cared for up to 30 children, were permanently affected by the lack of water- an essential for life.

In 1994 the Congregation of the Rogationist Fathers of the Sacred Heart, started running the institute. Their aim is to help and educate children at risk.

Currently, the Agricultural Home San Augustine, carries out a project that provides comprehensive education for 70 children aged 6-12. Many of the children come from families of limited resources from Yerba Buena and the surrounding communities.

Volunteers could contribute by:

About the host community:

Tucuman is the smallest province of Argentina, located in the Northwest of the country. IT has a population of approximately 1.4 million people. The province is also known as "El jardin de la Republica" The republic's garden due to its lush vegetation, greenery of the sugar cane fiels and citrus plantations. The people from Tucuman are called Tucumanas.

The capital is San Miguel de Tucuman, wehre 55% of the total population resides. Founded on May 31, 1565, it is the largest city in northwestern Argentina and the fifth largest in the country. It has many archeological and historial interests, as well as a variety of clmiates and landscapes.


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