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Sample Volunteer Abroad Projects in Albania

Following the orientation, the participant will start the volunteer program. Available host projects reflect changing needs and priorities and may vary from those described below.

Community Service

Children's Community Center

Volunteers who choose to be part of this amazing program will be based in a Children's Community Centre in the periphery of Albania's capital city Tirana. The centre welcomes children from different areas of Tirana outskirts, mainly belonging to Roma and Egyptian minorities, street children and children that are at risk of exploitation. Many families have migrated from different locations of Albania, mostly from the north of the country, to Tirana in search of a better life and employment opportunities.

There are around 40-50 children currently attending the centre and they are divided into two groups according to their age. There is a morning and afternoon session running from 8.30am until 4.00pm with a lunch break around midday. The children visit the centre to do their homework, take part in education and recreational activities and to have a meal.

We need volunteers who are creative, compassionate and enjoy working with children to assist the kids with their English language homework, organize fun games and activities as well as helping out in the kitchen with meal preparations.

Health Education & Welfare Services

"Help the Life Daily Center", Tirana

The center’s main activities are focused on people with mental and physical disabilities. The goal of the center is to integrate the disabled into the community, to improve their status in society, and to protect their rights.

A program called “Development and Integration” has been set up and operated by the Center since 2000. This program began in response to a need for social services for children with mental and physical disabilities. The center is situated in the village of Prush, which borders the Kombinat district, in the neighborhood of Tirana.

What might I be doing as a volunteer?

*Support the work done by the program “Integration and Development”, in regard to the implementation of activities of the center

*Assist the teachers during the daily activities in the center

*Work with children in their creative work and occupational therapy

*Create activities for handicapped children

Education and Childcare

Teaching Conversational English in the Municipality of Shkrel, among the Albanian Alps

This volunteer project is based in Northern Albania among the Albanian Alps.  Volunteers will be working in community schools in villages nestled in valleys between the mountains that cut through the clouds, preserving a simple and traditional way of life.

Most secondary pupils start to learn a second language at about ten years old. The role of the native English-speaking volunteer is to teach conversational language skills. Volunteers receive some help from the local teachers regarding lesson preparation and content. The pupils of the villages have good attitudes, limitless enthusiasm and curiosity for learning.

Volunteers will work around 4-5 hours a day from Monday to Friday.  This program offered only in the summer, during the months of June, July, and August.  Accommodation is in a homestay and three meals per day are provided.

The Angel's Cradle - Volunteer Cuddling Program

This is a volunteer placement at the Angel’s Cradle Nursery in the Queen Geraldine University Hospital of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Tirana, Albania. This nursery provides support to abandoned babies who remain in the maternity hospital between the first two weeks to seven months of their life, before being moved to one of the orphanages located throughout Albania. Female volunteers are needed to visit the maternity hospital daily to feed, hold, and talk to the babies.



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